The M Shift [222] with Broken Stylus


The M Shift [222] with Broken Stylus

Good afternoon all!

Apologies for the delay in the posting of this archive in the usual blogs and forums, it’s been an absolutely frantic two weeks.

This show, though, was a highly enjoyable affair. Chinese Laundry favourites, Broken Stylus – Ryza & Def Tonez in some circles – brought forth two hours of fun-filled breaks and drum ‘n’ bass.

The mixing was tight, and the tunes were incredibly dancefloor friendly. I’ve been through the archive a few times now, and have enjoyed it immensely on each occasion. Here’s hoping you have a similar experience!

The schedule below is looking nice and busy, too. This coming Sunday (the 17th), we’ll be welcoming back resident, Mysterees. We also have planned shows from favourites Marzetti and James Warren, as well as an M Shift debut from Andy Wright from SPOiLT.

Plenty coming up. Enjoy this archive, and enjoy your stay! 😉

Brendan [Bruno] Clay

> 3rd july, 2011

> Download Show

: Tracklisting:
: Ryza’s Mix:
01 : Baymont Bross – ‘Real Time’ (Original Mix) [Mofo Recordings]
02 : DJ Johnny Cage – ‘BangADaBoom’ (Original Mix) [Zone Records]
03 : Neighbour & MC Thinktank – ‘Revolt’ (Original Mix) [Rat Records UK]
04 : DJ Assault & Beat Assassins – ‘Night Moods’ (Original Mix) [Rat Records UK]
05 : Specter & Benzo – ‘Get Ya Hands Up’ (Original Mix) [13breakz]
06 : Bartdon – ‘Ground’ (Original Mix) [Spektra]
07 : Deekline, Splack Pack, SportyO & Dustin Hulton – ‘Whip It’ (Original Mix) [Rat Records UK]
08 : Ed Solo, Deekline, Kidd Money & Yo Majesty – ‘Lo Rider’ (Lady Waks & Hardy Hard Remix) [Rat Records UK]
09 : DJ Mutiny – ‘Responded’ (Under This Remix) [Downbeat]

: Def Tonez’ Mix:
10 : NAPT – ‘Emotions Part 2’ (Original Mix) [Red Sugar Records]
11 : Willow Smith – ‘Whip My Hair’ (Peo De Pitte Remix) [CDR]
12 : Adele – ‘Running In The Deep’ (A-Trak Remix) (Dustin Hulton Re-Rub) [CDR]
13 : DJ Icey – ‘Bbrr Go Go’ (The Phat Conductor Remix) [Zone Records]
14 : Kovas & HeavyFeet – ‘We Came To Party’ (Deekline & Product.01 Remix) [Stamp! Beats]
15 : Kid Digital- ‘Bangin’ Machine’ (Beta Remix) [Bombtraxx Records]
16 : Kyla & Quadrat Beat- ‘Back In The Game’ (Original Mix) [The Pooty Club Records]
17 : Audiostalkers – ‘Moshpit’ (Brealing News Remix) [CDR]
18 : Benny Benassi – ‘Cinema’ (Skrillex Remix) (Rel1 Re-Dub) [CDR]
19 : Lady Sovereign – ‘Love Me Or Hate Me’ (Breaking News Remix) [CDR]
20 : Armand Van Helden – ‘I Want Your Soul’ (Wizard Remix) [Southern Fried Records]

: Broken Stylus’ Mix:
21 : Freestylers – ‘Get A Life’ (Original Mix) [Against The Grain]
22 : Freestylers – ‘Get A Life’ (Roni Size Remix) [Against The Grain]
23 : Danny Byrd ft. Liquid – ‘Sweet Harmony’ [Hospital Records]
24 : Redsquad – ‘Make Some Noise’ (Doctor Werewolf’s Noise Complaint Remix) [CDR]
25 : Steve Angello & Laidback Luke ft. Robin S – ‘Show Me Love’ (Blame Remix) [Data Records]
26 : Magnetic Man – ‘I Need Air’ (Digital Soundboy Remix) [Columbia]
27 : Blame ft. Ruff Squad – ‘On My Own’ (Drum & Bass Edit) [New State Music]
28 : Danny Byrd – ‘Red Mist’ (VIP) [Hospital Records]
29 : London Elektricity – ‘Just One Second’ (Apex VIP) [Hospital Records]
30 : Brookes Brothers – ‘Tear You Down’ (Original Mix) [Breakbeat Kaos]
31 : Stamina MC, XRS & DJ Marky – ‘LK’ (Marcus Intalex & ST Files Remix) [V Records]
32 : D.Kay & Epsilon – ‘Barcelona’ (High Contrast Remix) [BC Authorised]

The M Shift [216] with Special Guests Tony Why & Elwood


Tony Why & Elwood on The Shift

Afternoon all!

Well, it has been quite some time indeed since our last archive posting, so our sincerest apologies for that. We’ve had a few obstacles thrown in our way recently, such as unprecedented illness, and an unfortunate episode where the daylight savings changes weren’t accounted for. (Don’t worry though, the latter will be turned into a Podcast episode.)

Rest assured, we’re back on track with another guest appearance from Tony Why alongside Elwood (who we haven’t seen for quite some time indeed!)

Shacking up on a Sunday afternoon in Ryza’s new pad, the boys brought the breaks, in their numbers – and how – to bring forth quite an enjoyable listen, and download! Hope you enjoy!

This coming Sunday will be Easter Sunday, so I’m going to park myself quietly in front of the MacBook, and will play a selection of mixes from yours truly, AfroWhitie, Andy Wright and Ryza, which should provide a nice side-dish to your respected chocolate offerings. Hopefully that should make its way onto your iPods sooner than later, too!

Quite a bit on the horizon, too, as you’ll see in the below schedule – in particular, Douggie D-Funk‘s postponed appearance (8 May), and the long-awaited return of The Biggest Loser’s finest, JPL (1 May). The Facebook event for the latter event, can be found right here:

Other than that, enjoy this archive – and enjoy your stay! 😉

Brendan [Bruno] Clay

> 10th april, 2011

> Download Show

: Tracklisting:
: Ryza’s Mix:
01 : Myagi & Johan Soh – ‘Still’ (Beta Remix) [Sound Of Habib]
02 : Kultur & Colombo – ‘Konflict’ (Original Mix) [iBreaks]

: Tony Why & Elwood’s Mix:
03 : Gella – ‘Pass The Sick Bag’ (Original Mix) [Sub Slayers]
04 : Dylan Rhymes – ‘Crunched’ (Original Mix) [Lot 49]
05 : Houserocka & Curtis B – ‘Outnumbr’d’ (Orginal Mix) [Royal On records]
06 : General MIDI – ‘Kickbox’ (Original Mix) [Distinctive Records]
07 : Access Denied – ‘People Get Up’ (Original Mix) [iBreaks]
08 : Stanton Warriors – ‘Turn Me Up Some’ (Album Version) [Punks)
09 : MC Shureshock – ‘You’re The One’ (Will Styles Old Remix) [Dubrave]
10 : Autobots – ‘Seconds Out’ (Original Mix) [Broke]
10a : Dr. Dre – ‘Forgot About Dre’ (Acapella) [CDR]
11 : Agent K – ‘Montego’ (Original Mix) [Low Phat]
12 : Access Denied & Jellyfish – ‘After The Sunset’ (Original Mix) [Ayra Recordings]
13 : Access Denied & Jellyfish – ‘Carukia Barnesi’ (Original Mix) [Ayra Recordings]
14 : Specimen A – ‘Just A DJ’ (Original Mix) [Funkatech Records]
15 : General MIDI ft. Whiskey Pete – ‘Get It Down’ (General MIDI Mix) [Distinctive Records]
16 : Hanuman Tribe – ‘Muscle Step’ (Ludmilla & Beatman Remix) [Ayra Recordings]
17 : Ludmilla & Beatman – ‘Moldova’ (Davip Remix) [Ayra Recordings]
18 : Digital Pizza & Left Right – ‘Gangbang’ (Original Mix) [Sound of Habit]
19 : DJ Icey ft. Nikki Carabello – ‘Glance’ (V2.2 Mix) [Zone Records]
20 : Hyper – ‘The End’ (Ludmilla & Beatman Remix) [Ayra Recordings]

: Ryza’s Mix:
21 : Ghettface & Yanix – ‘Wikked Wayz’ (Beta Remix) [Ridiculoud]
22 : Pink Floyd – ‘Another Brick In The Wall’ (Kiwa Remix) [CDR]
23 : Under This – ‘Intergalactic Jack’ (Mash-Up) [CDR]
24 : Jinx In Dub – ‘Rockerz Dub’ (Original Mix) [Bassrock Records]
25 : NAPT ft. Skibedee – ‘Get Back’ (Original Mix) [Sub Frequency Funk]
26 : TC – ‘Where’s My Money’ (Caspa Mix – Elite Force Re-Fix) [CDR]
27 : Stonewash ft. Kyla – ‘Undertow’ (Original Mix) [Illeven Eleven]

: Tony Why & Elwood’s Mix:
28 : Yo Majesty, Kid Money, Deekline & Ed Solo – ‘Lo Rider’ (Lady Waks & Hardy Hard Remix) [Rat Records UK]
29 : Noisia – ‘Gutterpump’ (Rouge Element & Tom Real Remix) [Skint Records]
30 : Mutantbreakz & Baymont Bross ft. MC Bestbasstard – ‘Drop The Bass’ (Dustin Hulton Remix) [The Pooty Club Records]
31 : Curtis B & DJ Fixx – ‘Proper’ (Original Mix) [Illeven Eleven]
32 : 2000Fastwomen – ‘Letters From Vienna’ (NAPT Remix) [Wrapt Up Productions]

The M Shift Podcast 001 (August 2010)


The Shift Podcast

> august 2010

> Download Show

This is the first episode in a new series of monthly Podcasts. In our first episode, we’ve been lucky enough to get a hold of a fresh mix from M Shift regular, Tony Why.

Yours truly, Bruno and JPL provide solid accompanying mixes of breakbeat.

This episode features new music from Krafty Kuts, NAPT, Mesmer, General MIDI and Aniki – to name just a few!

We hope you enjoy this offering, and stay locked to the Podcast!

Brendan [Bruno] Clay